What is CRM?

The best medium to design and implement sales strategy and boost revenue by managing pre sales and post sales activity of the organization is customer relationship management application (CRM). Pre sales and post sales activity involves:

Digital Media Planing and Branding

The complex market and tough competition requires the executive to reach more and more potential customers to get the best customer conversion rate. By understanding the limitation and barrier in marketing activity requires an effective marketing plan and resource to get connect with maximum potential customer.

Analytics in rejuvenating business and process

What is Analytics?
Analytics is exploring of meaningful data, information, correlation and trends in recorded data. 
Why Analytics?
To get precise quantify answers for query like:
  • Why happen?
  • What happened?
  • What happen if?
  • What happen in future?
The analytics come to true of powerful computing devices, data’s and explorers having query and in always a search of why and how.
Types of Analytics?
  • Descriptive Analytics: Is to explore the happened valua

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - a solution which ease critical business process

  • Grow your business, improve your sales and support, make your customer loyal and create your brand with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.
  • Manage your marketing team, set targets and effective campaigns.


  • List down all your task which is to be accomplish.
  • Prepare daily task sheet – to do list.
  • Assign Realistic priority to your task which are measurable and avoid Avoiding Procrastination.
  • Organise Your Work Schedule – be obedient.
  • Each day should be ended with a new task sheet for tomorrow to keep you on track.
  • Focus on your most productive time of day.
  • Give yourself a time goal to complete a portion of a task or the entire task.
  • Take a break and asses your todays co

Add advance security to your application using Hashes..!!

What is hash ?

Hashing is the transformation of a string of characters into a usually fixed-length value or key.

Strategic Planning

It’s a complete organization plan which covers vision, mission, objective, targets, decisions and issues. It’s not just a business plan it’s a set up of a complete action plan to achieve overall performance or closure of the conflicts. The plan depends on the leaders and its team perception and how it is been logically designed to happen it practically.

How to establish Quality Assurance Plan?

1.    What is Quality Assurance Plan?

What is Emergency Preparedness Plan?

EPP (Emergency Preparedness Plan) is a plan which help to handle the emergency situation arise at work zones. The plan is to save the lives, flora fauna, resources and environment involves in and surrounds the work zone where emergency situation arise. The plan provides the action and step to control the emergency events if it arises along with clear define responsibility, authority and accountability of team involve in it.

9 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money

  1. Be generous with praise: Everyone wants it and it’s one of the easiest things to give. Plus, praise from the CEO goes a lot farther than you might think. Praise every improvement that you see your team members make.
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