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Automate and Collaborate

Automate Collaborate

Automate Collaborate working challenges through CRM.

CRM is customer relationship management strategy, to build strong relationship with customers. It creates the focus on customers and their requirements. It open the gate of communication between customer and organisation to deliver best.

Collaborative working challenges can be overcome with the CRM:

CRM provide the strategic process flow where different teams can work seamlessly. The teams like marketing, sales, accounts, quality control, project, operation and others. The increase utilities of CRM has able to transform it into software application. The objective is to ease the challenges with the context to customers. An application where different users can work together for the business profitability. Earn more from customers, retain existing customer for repetitive deals, referral marketing and more conversions are some of the objectives of the CRM.

It able to create the clear roles, responsibility, accountability and workflow for the user departments to work collaboratively. The different teams  can work together for hassle free on the customer requirement. All the departments are directly or indirectly linked with customers requirements, this subject is well managed in the CRM. CRM collaborate the teams to work together ans achieve business goals and leadership.

Automation through CRM:

CRM automation is the process to automate the manual and repetitive works to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales, marketing and other allied team. It saves time and get more productive hours to work on customers. 

Automation is taking pace in every solutions. It has found effective in saving money, time, resource and processing. The customer management need precision and perfection. Manual errors is not acceptable in the process, delivery of services as it may lead to the lost of customer. To avoid the errors and enhance the services there are some features that can make a lot to your customer services:

  • Data Management: Customers datas are generated from different nodes like web forms, emails, social pages, online promotions and others. These date are required to be manage centrally in database for actionables. The manual gathering process is tedious and prone to errors. Other challenge are data assigning, non-availability of resource, quick action on customer request and SLA fulfilment. To address these challenges CRM automate the data collection from nodes through integration and get the right information to right team in right time and place.
  • Nurturing Customers: Business development, customer retention and customer engagement need the nurturing. The nurturing process involves the transformation of information to customers. These information are on business updates, products and services. The benefits gained through the services and products, new ROI roadmap, optimum utilisation of products and services, success stories and other are also information for customer. The efforts, resource, infrastructure and time required for transformation. To overcome it CRM nurturing automation has address the issue with emails & response mapping, auto followups, lead scoring, shorting of lead, metrics and report on customer behaviour.
  • Telephony Automation: The automation of telephony though CRM has ease the calling process. It has make the approach more professional than the legacy system of handling or creating calls. It includes the one click calling, call recording, reporting and auto follow up through emails, SMS. It able to analyse the performance of caller, productivity from calls and rate of drop calls and converted calls for further actionable like replace of resource, change of content and apply of customer expectations in this process.
  • Support Automation: The selling of product or services is not the last task of sales cycle. The process has after sales services to create best customer experience. Day to day the queries landed over emails, phone calls for support, maintenance, warranty and others. It need smart and logic algo to handle the calls by auto filteration of problem statements and resolve automatically with chat bots. Depend upon the level of criticality the support automation action initiated either resolve through chatbot or support executive. This way the CRM support automation can make support team work efficiently and resolve quickly.

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