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Business Values

Business Values

What matters to customer is important to serve the best. CRM open the gates to focus and connect the customers with the objective of business. It get the approach of customer differentiation and prioritisation to management in defining strategy. The process of CRM able to gain and retain the customers for long term profits by creating values. How business values are created? Had a look on some of the features of CRM that help in creating values.

Communication: Great communication is the essence of CRM that creates business values. Robust communication create good healthy relationship with customer. While communicating with customer the sales and marketing team able to collect many important information.  And on its interpretations able to derived:

  • Able to understand and define the best medium of communication their customer expect.
  • How frequently do sales team reach to customer.
  • How customer behave on the content of marketing.
  • What matters more to customer either services, pricing, expertise or other evaluating factor?
  • Able to identify the customer requirement, which is the critical area and need to be taken car?

Competitive Approach: Once the requirement is gathered need evaluation with competitors. To know your competitor and offering is the prime key to win the customer. The approach is to identify what different can make your deal more acceptable and profitable. Getting more benefits to customer again adds business values.

Deliver quality product and services: The tough fight is to deliver the product and services as customer expect. Here the commitment, success story and marketing statement are evaluated by customer. To deliver the best to customer, the evaluation of requirement need to be conducted with following statements.

  • Why are you looking for product/services?
  • How you are going to procure?
  • Who will be the users?
  • How competent the users are?
  • How it will benefit?
  • Is it add value to business?
  • what are the future expectation with the product/services?

With this questioner the customer insights can be derived and the further actionable can be defined. This add the business values sense in team towards their customer. Get transform deal to happy and satisfactory.

Training for Capacity Building: Based on the customer acquisition roadmap, product and services the business development team need to upscale time to time. Some of the identified key areas for training that adds value towards business, customer and self are:

  • The business and technical parameters of products and services to be well acknowledge.
  • The context of training is to be match with the business model and objectives.
  • Dos and don’t while handling customer over phone, emails, WhatsApp or other mediums.
  • How to delight customer and earn loyalty.
  • How to handle queries and dispute.
  • How to showcase the success stories

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