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CRM fitness software

Fitness CRM Software

Get win with the team - Fitness CRM Software

We provide Fitness CRM software solution for fitness industries to manage and focus customers (Members). The CRM software solution get the returns in revenues and longterm relationship. The fitness industries is services oriented industries that deal with fitness of customers. The business in fitness industries are gym, health clubs, physical therapist, support nutritionalist, wellness coach, dieticians and more. We do end to end software development on agile model to achieve the business objectives and goals like:

  • To manage all inquiries centrally, which are generated over telephone, emails, web forms, social pages and bulk upload.
  • Increase the customer conversion and revenue
  • Fulfil the commitments and followups
  • Automate the inquiries assignment.
  • Automate the emails and sms to the customers, leads and team.
  • Multiple team can work collaboratively.
  • Assign task to team.
  • Generate multiple fitness packages and control the pricing.
  • Customise the fitness package as per the customer requirement.
  • Integrate the IVRS calls with CRM.
  • Integrate the biometric with access door for customer access to the premises.
  • POS (Point of sales)
  • Customer Insights reports and more.

The business flourish with the new customers generation and retention. CRM helps in achieving the customers attention towards products and services and ease the repetitive transactions. With CRM automation services the manual process time can be reduced, reduce human errors and repetitive data entries. It adds value to team, by providing more productive hours for customers.

The solution address the following features which are as:

  • Lead Management.
  • Trials.
  • Customer Management.
  • Packages Management.
  • Customer Data Management.
  • Package Renewals.
  • Fitness Products Management.
  • Task Management for Plans.
  • Accountancy - Payments, Dues, Receipts, Invoices, Returns.
  • Tax Management - GST.
  • Insights Reports.
  • Offers and Promotions.
  • Multiple Users and Access Control.
  • Alerts and Messages over Emails, WhatsApp and SMS.
  • Develop on open source platform to cutdown the license cost and compliances.
  • Run on the top of the cloud.

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WES Consultancy & Services Pvt. Ltd. offer management consultancy and software application development services. The services is offered to enhance the business process and attain business objectives and goals. We start the journey of development with agility to get the best software application that fit with the statement. Cloud and automation services are hands to enhance the software landscape as per demand. To know more contact us