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Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM

CRM adds values to team by creating collaborative work culture, automation of services, professional way to deal and new effective medium to reach customers. CRM over mobile - Mobile CRM has change the way of working and offer more flexibility with following benefits:

  • The efficiency of team found increment as team can work from site, office, home, travel or remote locations.
  • It push team to attain the set goals for day irrespective of work location.
  • The CRM mobile has enable the team to serve client 24x7.
  • Make avail the required information to required department.
  • Minimum resource dependency.
  • High turnout and easy to connect.
  • Workstation over mobile.

The mobile application has ease the business process like:

  • KYC at customer end or online.
  • Verification of customer.
  • Mobile device hardware integrations (camera, printer and other devices) for robust process.
  • Follow ups Reminders in mobile for call, visit or planned task with customer.
  • Live campaign results.
  • Notification for customer requirement or support for quick actions.
  • Live reports.

Today mobilisation - Mobile CRM at work address many issues:

  • Work remotely.
  • Reduce Work station cost.
  • Flexibility in working hours.
  • Tracking of the team with GPS.
  • Non availability of resource during travel, holidays or other event.

The business teams are located at different geographic location to serve best. To make them performing together in prospect to the business development and customer management CRM fits. To know more benefits click to link