Compliance Audit

Assesing Risk & Gaps Filling      

A compliance audit is a comprehensive review of an organization's adherence to regulatory guidelines. Compliance audit is a process through which legal compliance status in particular organization is known. Through this audit the legal requirement which is to be further furnished is also known and action plan can be developed. Legal compliance audit knows the organization what are the legal requirements applicable to organization and status of maintaining it.

With the strict government enforcement for legal requirements and heavy penal clause, organization realize the requirement for legal audit.  Legal compliance audit is a pioneer tool that can help the organization to same time from legal lengthy process and heavy penalties. Through the audit organization come to know the source form where the gaps in the legal requirement arise. The tools helps to plan out legal control system and how can it be effectively implement it.

Focused Areas:

  • Environment
  • Health & Safety
  • HR with other mandatory acts

Why legal compliance audit requires

  • To know the present status of legal compliances.
  • To know which legal compliances are not maintained.
  • To prepare action plan for effective implementation.
  • To design legal control system module.
  • To know from where the gaps arise.
  • To relief from lengthy legal requirement and penalties.


  • The non conformities are known.
  • The action plan can be easily derived for fulfillment of requirement.
  • Saves time and resource.
  • Smooth operations and process.
  • Create brand image.
  • Fulfillment of requirement.

Scope of WES

  • Identify the legal acts applicable to the organization
  • Create checklist of each acts
  • Site visit and verify the requirement documents and record
  • Compliance report