Control Systems

Sowing Management Seed For Future Success

Every system being a small or big needs to be control and for it there’s requires a control module which called control systems. Today every organization need control system to management each and every process in the organization this process can be operation, maintenance, HR, management or Finance and for it required expertise consultants and it WES Consultancy & Services provide Control system in context of Management, IT and Legal which are required in every organization. Regarding Management context the control systems provide by WES are:

  • Management Control System
  • Resource Control System
  • Human Resource Control System
  • Hospital Control System
  • Documents and Record Control System
  • Service Control System
    • Purchase
    • Stores
    • Maintenance department (Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Etc)
    • Safety & Security
    • AMCs/ Outsource
    • Logistic
    • Marketing
    • Quality control Lab
    • Automobile & Others