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Customer engagement, revenue optimization, achieve targets and customers, brand creation, tracking of team and reporting

The customer engagement is one of the priority for every business as having impact on revenues, to maintain it organizations start implementing CRM - Customer Relationship Management is not a very new concept but the understanding and implementation is not matured within the organization, may be due to lack of resource, tools and its utilization.

We Wes Consultancy provide solution on the different CRM disciplines to boost the lead generation, customer acquisition, pre-sale, post sales, revenue model, team monitoring, ticket solution and communication. To make CRM an enduring and economical for seamless and for profitable solution we have integrate with different technologies of Cloud, Analytics and others.

Key Features

access all your customer information at one place

Sales Automation

Sales is the prime objective of every business with pre sales and post sales


Making and Implementing strategy to reach potential and existing customer, as opportunity is every where

Workflow Automation

Manage the process with validation and authentication to reach the objective


Smart, sustainable and viable integrations for professional outcome


Derive the different seasons of business and build new strategy and task for team.

Customer Service

Customer Service consists of contact handling and executing basic customer transactions.

We have sucessfully implement the tailored CRM solution in various business domains like engineering and other industires, real estate projects, health and fitness, retail business, hospitality, education and many more. We deliver solution that fits with the business environment for optimum results with having capabilities to establish communication with other smart devices like EPBAX, Mobile, Biometric and others for data flow. We streamline the process and make accountable to each stake holders involve under this process for flawless system and fruitful results.

Looking for smart tailored CRM solution?

We work as driving force for our clients to get things started and for this we have been offering smart, simple, tailored solution to clients to manage their customers and day to day transactions with them. We make sure that designed solution should fit with the working model of business and its acceptability among users.

Just the right moment to stop reading and start executing..