Feasibility Studies

Explores Strength & Weakness In Business Applicability

WES conduct feasibility study which is one of the must initial requirement of the project planning, through it organization come to know that is the project or product or service is beneficial for the business or not. Though this study organization come to know what are the success and failure factor in the project, what are the critical area  which are to be considered while in execution of project are known.

The study helps to know is the project or product or service is going to be accept by the consumer or not, this study help to know what the target consumer think about the organization project or product or service, this helps the organization to prepare pre strategy  before coming in the market with final product or service.

Feasibility study report helps the organization to take stakeholders, investors and bankers in confidence. Through it consumer also came across the briefs of product or service and that arise the need of the product or service in the market which could be a helpful tool for the organization. The study guides the organization that which can be potential customers.

In the study WES shall conduct, evaluate, summarised and recommendation the feasibility for product or service with the further action plan.


  • Map out the strength and weakness in the proposal.
  • The realistic figures are known through it.
  • Analyse the business idea.
  • What the potential customer think about the proposal.
  • Guide for success path.
  • Give confident to stakeholder, investor and bankers.