Successful implementation of governance project and get client hands on the project.


Cloud and Analytics been the another interest area of WES and start developing team on it with the understanding of the domestic and global market need of robust infrastructure and predictive tools who can guide to sought out their query.
WES get presence in seven states for IT and Management services.


With the need of mobile application development, WES team enter in the domain of android and ios application development and to be the first organization in the state to develop first government application with a successful launch and appreciated in the state.


Add one more domain of CRM - customer relationship management application and start implementing at client side with client side development services, this is a stepping stone for company to offer services in pre sales and post sales services for various business domain like retail chain, fitness club, real estate, consultants, engineering and many other.


Getting opportunity to work on customize solutions and development like public oriented projects, HMS, ERP, application, integration with third party tools and experience the complete development cycle with support and maintenance activity.


WES started with the aim to work on solution and integrate managemet need of entreprenuer with IT services to get effective quick business solution.

WES started working on management, CMS services and sucessfully implemented the soltuion for various clients of government and non government domain.

WES acclaimed to be one of the first organization started working on CMS development, customization, implementation and training in central India.