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Process Engineering & Automation


Get your idea transformed

Modern system design that activates your productivity the way you wanted..


Study ~ Analyse ~ Design ~ Implement ~ Measure

 We Wes Consultancy develop custom software to reengineer the the legacy system or on the fresh thought. In the process of software development we care the epectations and requirement of our client. We focus more on customer requirement, expectation, objectives and readiness to adapt, to design the development roadmap. We do analysis from our end before start

  • To identify the project complexity
  • Methodology of Development
  • Leaders & users of the project
  • Business impacts
  • Integrations with other allied services

We place software development cycle as per the required agility in the business process. Agile method always welcome changes and get you a way to exit where client like or close the scope of development. Its an collaborative approach of development, testing and releasing of an software. Lets take the benefit of project development based on the principles of software development as you wish.

Our objective is always to get optimization at work space. The optimizations and management offers by the software application in the business integrity - man, machine, material, management and Money. We evaluate the problem statement with the solutions we offered for a win situation. We had been delivering end to end software that help the business in achieving desired results. Lets have an POC (proof of concept) to start and evaluate the change can add to your business.


Ease your challenges.
Proof of Concept

We get you the demonstration of your idea in the application format. It get you the understanding, feasibility and benefit you can earn from the solution and challenges.

Business Automation

We do procedural evaluation to identify the area of enhancement and design best fitted solution to automate the work. It involves business domain expert insight and economic viability.

Software Development

We offer customised solution on different technologies of desktop, mobile and web under the discipline of project management for effective and result oriented development.

Software Management

Managing all layers of software and infrastructure for hassle free and smooth operation and enhance its acceptability and adaptability in all hands of organization.


We Equipped your system to work in a more complex structure and enable to communicate with different layers of application and infrastructure seamlessly to attain end to end solution.


We offer technology elucidation for the one who are in search of end to end strategic partner in solution of their requirement. We equipped them with knowhow, resource and others under different modes.

We Wes Consultancy get you modernised in IT capabilites of policies, application, infrastructures and costing involvement, get improve the value of business through the IT initiatives and efforts. We get you in selection of best people and development cycle based on the complexity of project and its deliverables.

Shades of technology for optimisation

We build superb application with your thoughts and our years of expertise and know how and to make a revolutioning work culture, which can be the benchmark for way of performing for another years. We offer many services under the umbrella of optimization with reingineering like CMS solution, E-Commerce, customised Web and Mobile Application under various technologies and infrastructure. Let us know your objectives behind your thought and shall work as catalyst for you to happened it.

Just the right moment to stop reading and start achieving...

Web Development

Web Development

We are mitigating the different level of complex web application on the demand basis. We integrate the different layers of hardware and software to get the perfect mix.

Mobile Technologies

Mobile Technologies

We work on the mobile app development - mobile dynamism to enable the best work space in mobile for continual of process without any infrastructure dependency.

Custom Technology

Custom Technology

Looking for customised software development, we get deliver it without any barriers. All the development integrity and optimization shall be taken care by us.