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Marketing Digitisation and Automation

Marketing digitisation and automation opens the door of online marketing and selling.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the collaborative team approach for promoting and selling of product or services.

Digital Transformation

We Wes Consultancy offers services on information technology and management consultancy. Digital transformation is the part of our tech consultancy services. In this services the transformation journey is design and taken care by us. We aim the smooth and easy adoption of digital transformation. The outcome of digital transformation is the successful and accepted transformation of legacy system into modernised and automated system or replace with custom solution.

Why Pre Sales

Placing right people at place in right time is the perfection. And to attain the perfection many collaborative tools are place to address it. What is pre sales? In pre sales process, the process start before the sales start and close. Why Pre Sales? It define and design the values for customer during sales. Pre Sales team work at the backend of sales.  In the process the informations, datas and resources are placed in the manner to make sales roadmap smooth. The sales success is keep on adding valuable customer and there renewals.

Retaining Customer

What is Retaining Customer?

Attaining KPIs in CRM

CRM is the essential process of business and it get build with over time and efforts “who are able to retain their customers and adds value to customers”. CRM process enables you to focus on customers building and Attaining KPIs in CRM. CRM get the insights of customers - need, behaviour, why to elaborate the KPIs.

CRM in Goal Statement

CRM enables you to focus on customers to fulfil the "CRM in Goal Statement". It provide the landscape for business development team - sales and marketing to place business strategy and play around it with one goal “customer acquisition”. To acquire customers, need many skills and qualities to influence and be retain customers over long period of time. The sales and marketing can’t be frame with fix process. It is unique with customer to customer and requirement to requirement.

Business Values

What matters to customer is important to serve the best. CRM open the gates to focus and connect the customers with the objective of business. It get the approach of customer differentiation and prioritisation to management in defining strategy. The process of CRM able to gain and retain the customers for long term profits by creating values. How business values are created? Had a look on some of the features of CRM that help in creating values.

Make it new..

Managers are spending more time on data collection, analyzing the data, report generation and summarize the outcome for next level. These tasks reduce the productive time for actionable, to reduce the efforts and increment the productive hours need process optimization and re-engineering. The question arises how to optimize it?


CRM for fitness business and benefiting in customer services

CRM can be integrate with any business domain dealing with products and services. The business includes monetary transaction between customer and to maintain its continuity, CRM is the best medium. CRM at fitness centre creating an professional work environment and transforming team efforts towards customer services deliverables like:

How to improve employee performance

Employees are asset of the organisation and special care is needed to maintained them. The HR rules book, hike in salary and infrastructure are not just enough to maintain and improve their performance but need more.

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