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Agenda to Elevate the Process in Schools and Education Institutions

The concept is to raise the spark on the need of upgradation of the legacy system which are getting obsolete in the new arena of digitization. It`s a recall for an opportunity to elevate the complete system in the aspect of technical and management. We do work on such mission mode development and been serving for last nine years in Management and IT consultancy and development. We work on the process of optimization, problem statement and custom solution  development within the boundaries of management disciplines and IT tools. We like to share the agenda for schools and education institution to plan in new year 2020, new batch:


Content Management Framework (CMF): To manage website without having any technical knowledge. The dynamic portion of CMF makes portal interactive and user friendly in integrating with different layers of application like student ERP, Payment gateway, CRM, blogs and social pages for idea sharing and many more.


Web Application: Customized solution can make a big difference in its acceptance and compatibility in institution. The prime benefit of the custom solution is that the set operation disciplines and unique innovative idea of the institution can be converted into IT control through our domain experts and developers.


Mobile App: The smart phones are very effective in process execution, the execution can be prioritized with respect to the institution requirement, checklist, student remarks, student evaluation on different indicators like behaviour, attitude towards learning, skill upgradation tutorial and self-assessment and many other. The live reporting to parents can also make them aware on the status of their wards and take action on it.


Digital Promotions and Campaigns: The administration of the institution is more oriented in maintaining the internal process and they are not keen in commercial aspect like business development through digital platform. We can put our efforts on the commercial nourishment through digital marketing platform.


Administrative Tools:  To manage the day to day administration works like Human Resource Management, student relationship Management (CRM app), Asset and Inventory Management, Task Management and MOM and insights tools. To have a control over system the administrator shall have smart dashboard to take quick actions on it.


Quality Management Solution: To manage the organization need policies and standards, it makes sure that each stakeholder should fulfill it to attain objective. For effective process need harmonization of each process. The quality in service can integrate with the insights can make big transformation in the thought and way of delivering services.


Migration on cloud: The application, data and its management over internet through cloud services are more viable than the legacy method. The real-time data with zero downtime and high processing computing to process data for results optimize the process.


Plan to change with the new session 2020 through smart IT tools, compatible with desktop and mobiles.