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Order App solution by WES Consultancy

Business software application - Accelerate Sales with Order App

Accelerate Sale with Simplicity - Mobile app the best Business software application to start

The business model runs by the strategies, process and efforts of the team. The strategy is plan over the objectives and goals of the business. The implementation of strategies need smart tools  - business software application, procedures manuals and delegation and authority of task. Business software application ease the process and increase the productivity of resources. It gets the measurable results for the scope of an improvements.

Order App a customised application design to accelerate the sales, process and dispatches of the products. It can address the payments methods like online, COD, Wallet and others. The app is design to serve the Ecommerce capabilities over mobile and tailored to address the important agendas with simplicity like:

  • Customer Registration: The customer can download the app from Pay store and App Store. The registration is to have KYC of customer to understand who are my customers. The OTP verification and registration complete the process. The simplicity for customer is the essence of an acceptance of application.
  • Market Place: The listed products are accessible which are process from backend. The product can be search with categories, name and groups. On search the list of product with all details like price, description, availability with option to add in order cart.
  • Order Cart: The cart is flexible to add more with option to edit and delete. In cart the price calculator is available to get the complete value with option to go to the payment gateway to pay either online or cash to delivery. The delivery address can be confirmed and validated with the Pincode.
  • Dispatch Process: The dispatch officer has request for an orders of product. He process further with sales team and get dispatch with the identified logistic team to get delivered.
  • Online Payment Reconcile: The Account team can verify the payments collected from online and COD with the reconciliation module. The auto invoice generation for the online payment confirmation with manual invoice generation.
  • Notifications and alerts for robust communication with customers and process stakeholders for updates and next actionable.
  • Reports: Insights report and customised reports get the insights of the customer transactions and achievement of targets and goals. The actionable can be further define for fruitful online journey with customers.
  • Seamless integration with CRM, ERP or other business application software to enhance the feature.

To know more about the Business software application contact us or have fresh idea to design mobile app or customise Business software application contact us