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CRM For Goal with Wes Consultancy & Services Pvt Ltd

CRM in Goal Statement

CRM enables you to focus on customers to fulfil the "CRM in Goal Statement". It provide the landscape for business development team - sales and marketing to place business strategy and play around it with one goal “customer acquisition”. To acquire customers, need many skills and qualities to influence and be retain customers over long period of time. The sales and marketing can’t be frame with fix process. It is unique with customer to customer and requirement to requirement. The common implementation process may not confirm to the conversion of customer. But common solution can convert potential to customer if it is convincing and acceptable. So the techniques of customer acquisition need to be refined as per the demand over time. The skills and goals can be created more likely if the integrity is maintained:

  • Customer Identification: The prime important and critical start, is the identification of customers. Who are my customers? Why they are my customers? How can be my customer? After the acknowledgement to the questionnaires. One can able to identify the target customers and group. Customer Identification is the start milestone from where you have to start your journey and end once you achieved. 
  • CRM Strategy Planning: In this process need to identify and evaluate, How can i convert target customers? How can I reach to my target customers? What are the mediums through which I can convey about my services or products? What will be the expected behaviour? And What will be my next step to influence?
    The plan need to be elaborative and measurable to implement with team and validate the  effectiveness and efficiency. All the stakeholders of the implementation team is to be placed with their goal statements with their respective task. For achieving goals the ownership is also to be provided and to be well aware of its impact and  achievements.
  • Implementation: After warmup for a start. The most important part is to start implementing or get dive as per the plan to attain goals. The implementation need a hard push from top to bottom. To have an impact on each implementer working rhythm and get align with each other in same direction “Customer generation and acquisition”. In the process the team is shape and synchronise with the assigned task to achieve goals. At the top of the implementation process the monitoring, measurement and control assurance to be integrated to evaluate the process depth and breath. Gaps and corrective measures are to be place to align the working rhythm and achieve targets
  • Review and Replication: On successful of the process the same can be replicate for quick start but with an open gate for the opportunity of continual improvements. The created roles and responsibility of team can be sync with the new strategy for quick implementation of process and start getting results. Review of the outcome able to measure the ROI and efforts placed by team and what will be the next actionable.

CRM talks about the utilisation of skills and qualities of team to shape the CRM in Goal Statement process more effective and efficient to achieve the business goal statements. To know more contact us