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CRM is a Management System Software

CRM is a management system that helps in creating and maintaining customer relationship. CRM provide the tool to management peoples in designing and defining the marketing and sales strategies. While downline executives implement the strategies with the same system known as CRM Software. In early days this system was limit to contact management only, just storing contact of customers and messaging the greetings. But today its expand to all customer related services and offers and deals. The digital technology make the management system simpler and easier to adopt. The new features placed in the CRM are:

  1. Data Management
  2. Lead Management
  3. Customer Management
  4. Followup Management
  5. Services/Product Market Place
  6. Agents & Target Management
  7. Support & Escalation Management
  8. Invoices & Tax Compliances
  9. Other Customer Allied Services - Feedback, Online Payments, Logistic Tracks and more
  10. Customer Behaviour and Mapping
  11. Integration with hardware and third party softwares
  12. Analytical Reports for Actionable

The CRM has flourished many businesses by enabling to view the revenue health. Ecommerce, real estate, education, MSMEs and manufacturers are some of the sectors where CRM software has optimise their working culture and profit margins. CRM adds value in the customer services by:

  1. Reduce the lead travel time
  2. Reducing customer onboarding time
  3. Quick resolution with automated services
  4. Personalised Deals and Offers
  5. Robust communication
  6. Push marketing - Social and search engines
  7. Reduce process time for analysis and implementation

With so many benefits and use cases today CRM has become popular and backbone of business. This management system provides precision in dealing with customer requirement and services. Thus plan today for the CRM software and retain your customer for long term revenues. To know more or demonstration contact us