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CRM Module For Visionary Peoples

CRM Modules Leveraging Small Business

We design, develop and consult on CRM modules for small business with keeping the business objectives as the outcome of our solution. We had earlier work on different outcomes of CRM in different segments like:

  • Gather and save record from different mediums of webform, social pages and other digital platforms for processing.
  • Automate the datas assignment from repository to right person.
  • Application to Manage members/customers.
  • Generate sales orders for customers.
  • Inventory over mobile devices - sales app and customer app.
  • Automate the notification to sales and customer as required over whatsapp, sms and emails.
  • Get the salesman live tracking.
  • Assign and monitor task to sales people.
  • Subscription selling and renewal through the application.
  • Payment collection from customer and invoice generation.
  • KYC of customer.
  • Customer app for order submission, payments dues and dispatch status.
  • Integrate with IVRS outbound and inbound services.
  • Integration with third party application like tally, web portal, e-commerce.

And many more, we tailored the software up to the extend of the statement, size and type of business. We make sure the journey of the customer with business shall be hassle free and great experience to retain the customer and loyalty. We automate the services for smart flow of work and remove the glitches of dependency of user.

Lets have a look some of the common CRM modules for small business to attain automation in sales and marketing which are as:

  • Lead Management: Manage the generated inquiries and targeted datas from different sources like webpages, paid adds, social pages, emails and more. These inquiries from the potential customer need a platform to. evaluate for the complete cycle of sales. Other features of lead management are lead scoring, followups, lead tracking, documentation and records with respect to customer.


  • Customer Management: Managing customer is the important aspect and is the prime asset of business. Customer retainer-ship is the part of customer management through customer engagement, understanding the customer behaviour, like, dislike and other facts that is the necessity to customer. Other features are customer kyc, add new opportunity, renewals, sales order generation, dues and payments


  • Campaign Management: Create campaigns, define the budgets, set and define the best medium and implement with ROI pan. Get the evaluation of the camping outcome with actual ROI to understand the effectiveness and next roadmap plan.


  • Field Employee Management: Mobile interface for the sales employee enable to work on field to generate leads, customers, location checkin, orders and check status of dispatches and recovery of payments with dues. Complete work space for the filed people to outperform. Other communication features in app that can plays effective role on strategic communication are whatsapp sharing, email, SMS, and calls.


  • Price Book: Manage the product price and applicable discount as per the role management. Customer grievances to product price, schemes and other discounts glitches can be address and fixi with the CRM. It adds professional values to sales and attitude while dealing with customers as all are in one platform.


  • Invoices: Accountancy integration adds another module to CRM. It’s make the complete end to end solution with all different aspect related to customer at one place requirement to financials. It create sense as CRM get the analytical platform to analyse the customer payment cycle and type and values.


  • Team & Productivity: KPIs, Sales Target and sales people accountability is the part where can CRM get the datas of the efforts placed and conversion cost incurred.

Whats your objective we can help you out with the best CRM modules that fit with your business. We ensure the robustness of management processes placed over sales and marketing. We curtail the process time and make sure that sale people will only be in connect with customer and targeted deals for higher revenues. Let's discuss over your objective to transform it into ROI and self sustainable solution.