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CRM for MSME is to Upscale the Sales and Marketing Process

CRM for MSME | Make Team Pro


CRM for MSME is to Upscale the Sales and Marketing Process, CRM - Customer relationship management ables top management and managers to drive business on customer centric. CRM placed the system creates the focus of team in generating leads (potential customer generation), conversion and retention. Placing sales  and marketing on seamless platform to work together for customers.

The system starts with the customer identification, aware the targeted customers with contents, influence with campaigns and offers. The marketing team creates strategies to position product and services is competitive market and sales sell the product to customers B2B or B2C.

How CRM create professional arc between two departments? 

CRM is an extensive tools for marketing, sales and support people like for marketing people:

  • Get leads and customers information centrally.
  • Ease the categorisation of the customers.
  • Define and place the customer shortlisting criteria.
  • Get the detail summary on market need, budget and features.
  • Get the historic data trends of customer purchasing, the effective campaigns, returns over campaigns and more.
  • Design budget plan for promotions and campaigns.
  • Get the best medium of campaigns and source on click.
  • Place offers and retention plans.
  • Get reports in one - projections, analysis on campaigns, SEO, SMO, google analytics, email effectiveness, returns.

For sales people:

  • Lead generation and their management.
  • Follow up generation and implementation with leads and existing customers.
  • Multiple communication medium options like emails, whats app, sms, call or virtual calls.
  • Alerts, notification and emails automation for meeting, demos, visits or other task.
  • Get the lead maturity and cycle to implement.
  • Customer conversion and onboarding process.
  • Sales agreement and deliverables.
  • Workflow automation like creation, approval, escalation and more.
  • Get reports in one - Leads, task accomplishment, Followups, sales, customer onboard and more.

For support people: 

  • Logs complaint.
  • Automation services with chatbots and CRM integration
  • Raise to responsible one.
  • Escalation on non fulfilment or resolution.
  • Feedback and closure with happy customers.
  • Reports - Categorised report, Closure, Pending, Grievance cycle, Days to resolve and Most responsible one.

To know more about the CRM with your existing users and business. No matter the size of business, CRM fits with the micro, small and medium enterprises also. Get benefit with an upscale of the management process with an IT application. Contact us