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Marketing Digitisation and Automation

Marketing Digitisation and Automation

Marketing digitisation and automation opens the door of online marketing and selling.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the collaborative team approach for promoting and selling of product or services.

The teams involve in the process are researchers, strategist, content writers, designers, analysts and executives and managers. Each person has defined roles and responsibility to deliver their task. Their contribution matters in attaining the objectives and goals of business. This seems that the promotion and selling approach is based on team work and efforts.

How to run and manage team?

The team need strategic roadmap to start building the foundation and management tools to achieve it in more efficient manner. For creating foundation and prepare to run following steps required policies, standard operating procedures, objective and goals and market trends and insight reports. To manage team come of the IT enabled business tools are Emails, CRM Application (Customer Relationship Management), Data Analytics and project management and operations.

What are the activities in marketing?

  • Marketing plan (monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually with further segmentation as required)
  • Market Research.
  • Data Generation.
  • Product or services research.
  • Team Building on digital marketing fulfilment.
  • Content development for business communications and awareness.
  • Emails, Banners Designing.
  • Automation assistance and facilitation to sales team.
  • Promotions and campaigns.
  • Budgeting and Monitoring.
  • Corporate Branding.

What is digital marketing?

The marketing promotions and campaigns has shifted towards digital. Web pages, social pages, emails, SEO, SMO and PPC are the formats of digital marketing to optimise the lead generation, customer generation and retention. The business small, medium or large can derived and counts the benefits. The accountability is the essence of digital marketing. The backend analytical tools (search engines, social pages, customised) get the details of every penny spend over the internet to influence potential customers and results.

Enhancing the accurate reach, global presence and positioning over market are some of the values received with digital marketing. The cost economics is very viable than the legacy way of promotion.

Why automation in marketing?

Automation is the necessity of business to reduce the process and add swift in the task. The automation at work place increase the efficiency of team work productivity and task closure. The machine intelligence adds the statement “the ease of working” by providing assistance where required. It removes the daily and repetitive task with automation to retain more time for customers and core operations.

Chatbot is one of the example that can serve 24X7 shift without uninterrupted. Chatbot is application based on machine learning and AI to offer personalised conversation over text and voice for customer engagement and experience. Chatbot is very proficient to handle customers, leads and support. CRM with chatbot adds value to the business by making available business services to customer 24x7 (day and night )and serve its assistance to team uninterrupted by availing information for actionable. Other automated services personalised emails, SMS, geofencing, virtual telephony and more services enhance the maturity in team.


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