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CRM to retain customer

Retaining Customer

What is Retaining Customer?

Retaining customer is a part of CRM, to maintain the customer for longterm. The objective is to build longterm business relationship, loyalty and branding in customers. The outcome of retaining customer is generation of new business opportunities, referrals and revenues. Its like creating customer a supporting hands for sales and marketing team in attaining objectives and goal. And in return customer also gets the values, privileges and competitive offers. It's a continual process.

Benefits of Retaining customers:

Retaining existing customer always the best strategic idea as it get following benefits

  • Sell more with less efforts.
  • Marketing cost got reduced in conversion process.
  • Have better understanding of customer what it matters more.
  • The happy customer always refer to others.
  • Valuable feedback from the customers to strengthen the product and services.
  • Retaining customer cost is lesser then new customer generation.

How to retain customers?

  • Hear to the voice of customers: More you hear more you get delivered. Understanding, analysing and commitment over the requirement is the start of customer journey and get delivered with support adds value to the solution. Once customer come in contact with values offered in services customer bind with it and continue till you care.
  • Notice customer behaviour closely: To retain customer, the customer behaviour is an another impact area where seek professional attitude. Understanding the customer early stages signs can help a lot to business development team to manage customers. What matter to one customer is unique from another customer, so need to good observer to have professional tuning.
  • Simple and Smart Communication: The communication mechanism should be simple and updated to work around with customers. The customer could access the information hassle free is the essence of good communication. Like bots, emails, sms, WhatsApp are some of the popular medium to get get your customer updated with information like introduce to new services, greetings, tips and other.
  • Commitments: The personalise commitment and its delivery create a trust and loyalty. Fulfil of commitments and statements made during conversion is to be experience by customer or else you may loose customer.
  • Never skip followups
  • Add value to customers by acknowledging the benefits, ROI, indirect benefits, process optimisation and more.

Software Solution To retain customer?

CRM is the best software solution to retain customers. CRM enables to focus on customers and provide collaborative platform for implementing best practices to handle customers, attaining objectives and KPIs and retain customers for long term profits. The other enhancement can be achieve through CRM are:

  • Team efforts monitoring and tracking.
  • Customer conversion ratio.
  • Attain automation in processing.
  • Integrations for smooth processing.
  • Insight report for actionable.

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