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Why Pre Sales?

Why Pre Sales

Placing right people at place in right time is the perfection. And to attain the perfection many collaborative tools are place to address it. What is pre sales? In pre sales process, the process start before the sales start and close. Why Pre Sales? It define and design the values for customer during sales. Pre Sales team work at the backend of sales.  In the process the informations, datas and resources are placed in the manner to make sales roadmap smooth. The sales success is keep on adding valuable customer and there renewals.

The efforts of pre sales activities plays crucial role, the pre sales activities are:

  • Customer Identification: Before going to market the target potential customer need to be define. Unless it would be directionless sales which results unsuccessful. The strategy Starts with the who will be my customers. Segmentation, grouping and measurable can make it more precise for sales team to work on it.
  • Qualification of Leads: Very important start not every potential customer is my customer. The customer evaluation mechanism is also need to be build. The evaluation criteria may to be start and self explanatory like business size, appetite of customer, readiness for solution, resource availability, work culture and more. This can help out the sales team in placing their efforts and solution.
  • Product Research: The research on available products or same product line can help in designing the go to market strategy and able to identify the updates required on product or services to influence the customer. Comparative analysis help to understand the uniqueness among other and able to acclaim better position and brand from others.
  • Market Research: What is the market place where I can sale is also the identification done in pre-sales process. What are the market reach mediums, cost involvements and budgeting all to be defined early for hassle free process. What is the size of market, what are compliance’s placed over market and more can be identified and fixed out in pre sales process.
  • Work Flow of process: The process is interconnected with different stakeholders of business. To ease the collaboration of work the automation of roles and responsibility can be placed after each step to enhance the process.
  • Documentation: The list of documents are designed and its place with responsibility for quick followup deliverables. The documents includes the digital blogs, concept notes, proposals, tech sheets and more. The pre designed and organise adds value in sales process.
  • Demonstration of Product
  • Follow up and fulfilment of commitments

Pre sales is the backbone of the sales and the success of sales is define with the preparedness of pre sales. The more efficient is pre sales the more effective way of dealing between sales and customers. To know more or looking for CRM software to handle pre sale contact us

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