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Clinic Management Software


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Clinic Management Software

an expert Solution for an expert Professional

a simplified solution to maintains the life cycle of the clinical functions. It covers the patient registration, online appointment and follow-ups, doctors dashboard, prescription, staff and team management, expense and billing with all advanced analytical reports.

Key Features

access all patient records, appointment, payment dues & transaction, follow-ups, notification, reminders, task and report at one place

Executive visuals of all activities


online-offline patient engagement


Personalised Panel for Consultant


digital record of prescription & diagnosis


revenue and expense monitoring


Quick connect with patient

How it Works ?

Key Benefits

Increased productivity, Enhanced working, Effecient processes brings best result

Quick to setup, easy to configure and makes the data availability on demand. The cloud infrastructure adds the mobility to access the system any time and anywhere.

The data in your system can never be lost nor perishable and only authorise user can access the system information keeping the data safe. The system comes along with user based access control to maintain the security standard.

more automation and less manual, more uptimes and no downtime increases the productivity and helps to deliver better service

nicely integrates with any other third-party application may be used for billing or inventory or for on-line appointment booking from different platforms. The data migration can be easily be channelise with our custom script.

Empower your clinic today with our clinical software and feel the difference

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