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contactless solution

Contactless 4.0

The pandemic has created a new challenge before businesses to offer contactless services to the team and customers. The challenge is accepted and solutions are offered by many in the market, on the agenda we WES Consultancy take initiative and started with solution on contactless 4.0 for certain sectors.

The project is to continue the deliver of services in the pandemic and our team identify some of the prime area we can get the quick solution which are healthcare, education and fitness services on project management. We created team and come out some unique features like doctor and patient have digital diagnose process with e-prescription, teacher and student can connect each other and academic process can continue from home, fitness trainer offers live medication program to get heal the mind and more.

During the process of solution designing, we come across with many interesting open source platform and APIs and with the smart integration with the soul of solution enable us to design best mix to support the customer voice of cost effective in this global economy crisis. It’s a great effort of team, architects, domain experts and designers who have collaboratively work in the pandemic from home and contribute their efforts in building an application.

The new era is expected in business and transaction process on post pandemic. We are continuously working on the agenda of contactless 4.0 with different solution.