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WES offers CRM Solution to Optimise Business & Services

CRM making fitness business more competitive and cost effective

CRM get the digital work desk for your day to day task related to customers and product or services. It reduces the unproductive hours in managing data handling, recording and management which is in manual legacy system. The CRM application enables the following process digitisation and automated which are as: 

  1. Inquiries
  2. Follow ups
  3. Convert Inquiry to Customer
  4. Sell Packages and fitness products
  5. Assign Personal Trainer
  6. Payment Collections and Bill Generation with Dues Alerts
  7. Custom Package Creation
  8. Package Upgrade
  9. Near Days Package Completion
  10. Access to fitness centre
  11. Validation and attendance of customer
  12. Reports generation in different format like excel, pdf, work
  13. Dashboard 

Why CRM?

CRM enhanced the process and open the gate of improvement in dealing with potentials, customers and team. It enable the team to understand the opportunities that can be generated from potential customer and get converted. 

Lets have a look on IntegratedCRM (CRM), its a tailored made solution and enough dynamic to fit with any segment of business. Whether you are manufacturer, startup, retailer, service provider, techie or farmer it can caters with your process of the sales which usually start from awareness campaigns to lead generation to customer acquisition and then post sales activities like support and revenue.

Today the scope of CRM is enlarged with the collaboration of other management tools within, like task management, order processing, sales, Asset tracking, Financial Accounting, process Automation and more. The forward and backward integration capabilities of CRM has made it one of the core and necessity of business. 

What benefits will get as fitness centre owner?

  1. Marketing and sales Automation
  2. Reduces the operation cost to pre sales and post sales activities
  3. Enable custom packages means more customers and revenue
  4. Swift the communication process by auto notification to team and customer on the event like inquiries, payments, dues
  5. Simplifies the financial transaction by simple sales and up gradation billing options
  6. Digitise the complete pre sale and post sales process in one tool
  7. Safe and security of data with access control 
  8. The system offer online and offline feature
  9. Create custom and multiple packages
  10. Unlimited data and access in application
  11. Reconciliation of revenue with offered services
  12. Graphical and analytical report helps in identify the future actionable
  13. Rationalise the process with user management and roles
  14. Define the area where efforts to be taken for business sustainability 

Quick FAQs

Fitness Centre Means?

The Fitness Centre includes GYM, fitness clubs, aerobics, yoga and other formats that focus on fitness and supplements offered to customers or members

Do the size of fitness centre matters?

No the size of fitness centre (FC) doesn’t matters as it is design on legacy system and upgrade the fitness centres in digitise platform. The matter is that every FC has to generate leads, convert to customer, sell package, payments and recoveries. The application is design on the manner that the essential requirement is covered and with advance features can take the services to next edge.

The subscription are based on limited members registration, lead generation and users?

No unlimited data, leads and user can be created

Do training and support provided?

Yes Training and support are offered on the basis of subscription, although training is not covered as per subscription plan.