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Grow your Business like never before

Customer engagement, revenue optimization, achieve targets and customers, brand creation, tracking of team and reporting

The Business Essential

Mobilize your channel for better experience
Communicate for Quick Turnaround
Organise your workforce
Prioritize the task
Automate and Collaborate working


"Generate new leads, customers and retaining existing customer is the core of every business, for it sustainability and growth" To this statement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the best professional fit managing end to end pre and post marketing and sales. It rationalise and implement the marketing and sales objectives to achieve the goals. The primary expectation of CRM has changed from data management to business development in different dynamism.

Best customer experience

Smart Business Solution

Instant Connect with messaging
IVRS reporting with inbound and Outbound Call
Your Daily Task and Follow-ups Dashboard
Customer and Employee Reporting
Automatic Day-end Reporting
Flexible work flow

Key Features

access all your customer, opportunities, leads and orders information at one place

Data Management & Distribution

The bulk data can be import on a click and assign to the team round robin. The smart distribution amongs sales peoples catalyse the handaling & Distributions

Data Verification

The verfified datas among bulk makes the funnel for the sales people to pitch and make understand the managers about the efforts to be placed in convertions

Lead Generation

Generate more Leads and care to handle it with smart integration from various sources like cold calls, web portals, marketing portals, google adds and more


Manage followup is one of the core activity to make the lead actives and on miss escalate to the manager for quick actionables. Auto Reminders, Notification & Escalation make it more efficient

Task Management

Create and assign task is day to day activities of manager to enable team proactive and caring towards their customers and make them focus to their targets. Auto Reminders, Notification & Escalation make it more efficient

Team Accountability & Monitoring

Plan targets, assign to the team and make them charged with incetives and benifits. The Accoutablity check of people is another core area of manager to check the efforts initiated by their people in market.

Digital Campaigns

Digital Campaigns through CRM make easier to capaings offers, promotional emails and other format with data segmentations and track record for official for information passed to customers and team


The capabilities of CRM has extended with its successful integration with other enterprise and open source solutions and hardwares

Work Flow

Pre defined workflows and  automation make system hassel free and user independent for self sustainable.  It works on the set rules of business logic and can be tailored accordingly

Digitisation of record

CRM Digitisation is record keeping in the format of un-perishable data and decentralization enable the data to avail where and when it required


Establish robust communication between customer, sales team and other allied departments of business through different digital mediums like Bulk SMS, Emails, WhatsApp


Data driven solutions in CRM are making big difference in business. The data analysis of records get the business trends for future actionable

Management Simplification

The CRM simplyfies the process by work deligation and monitoring the efforts of team and assisting them in their day to day activity

Success Stories written..

excellence showcase
Transportation Services

Transporters, Self Driving, Car Rental, Private Taxis

Educational Institutions

CRM for Schools, Colleges and Training Institutes

Real Estate Developers

Builders, real estate owners and Property dealers

Manufacturing Industries

Iron and Steel, Textiles, Mills and other Production Units

Health and Medical

Hospitals, Clinics, Fitness Center and Pharmacies

Retail and Logistics

Restaurant, Jewellers, Logistics and Warehouses

Let the technology takes the place to build your business backbone.!!

Get the personalised experience with the CRM solution. Serving industry without the boundries.

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