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Empower team with CRM - Next level

CRM is just not a medium to digitise the records of leads and customers, it enable the team to manage their complete activities with respect to pre sales and post sales

  • Data management and processing: Smart way to manage the data and get process it in information is the heart of this application. It navigate the team to the area where to put their efforts like to convert customer, customer engagement, influence customer and promotion and branding.
  • Data security: The data is the prime need of every business and management is very keen in the security of it and the CRM has capability to secure the datas related customer and team information, product and their requirement information and day to day collected information through the techniques of encryption.
  • User Access control: As per the set boundaries the users can only access the data which is been assigned dynamically in order to remove the redundancy of efforts, restrict the data among team, simplification of responsibility and ease in record management.
  • Monitoring of the team and their deliverables are on dashboard to take action and on a click assign the new road map to team in order to make sure that efforts should move as per the business targets and objectives.
  • Perform many task through the CRM like followup with clients, manage client notes, send proposals, establish communication through it, mails responses, work assigning, invoice generation and their ledgers and many more.
  • Seamless Integration: The CRM can be integrate with different business module like collecting dues online through payment gateway, project management suite for acquire customer and their project, CMS to maintain the customer requirement and expectation, SMS and Mail integration for official communication on the happening of said events, ERP and many more integration with hardware like cameras and sensors. Taking beyond the utility of CRM.
  • CRM on Cloud has open the new feature of off station working culture.