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Fitness Center Management


New era of digitization and process automation at work place has change the direction of efforts in more productive way.

Fitness centers are health club, fitness club, health spas in short means GYM. The modern architect of GYM has change from physical exercise to mental exercise and need precision in the services offered to members. 

Managing members and team in health club oriented GYM is a big challenge for the management and need to keep on updating the process policies at work place to shape best fit. The manual process for operating GYM and monitoring is very tedious with limited resources and need digital tools.

The new era of digitization and process automation has reduce the transition period between inter dependent departments. It’s a best mix of Information technology and management that has change the direction of efforts towards revenue and business growth. The software for gym is a virtual work station which has create professional vibes in fitness business by making crystal-clear accountability team to overcome the redundancy of roles, non-performing resource and hidden transaction at work place. It has taken to the next step of analysis of data which today we called analytics, to play around the data to create actionable for business. We WES Consultancy get your process equipped with GYM software to manage the fitness centers.

Key Features

access all your member, payment dues, payment transaction, leads, notification, reminders, task and report information at one place

Leads - Inquiry

Manage inquiries from walk-in at center or phone calls or over the emails. In sales, we called leads management. The leads are potential members and they are the new sources of revenue, it is to be address seriously to manage their data, conversations and their interest area

Reminders - Alerts

Follow up with inquiries is the prime need as you can’t expect every time that potential members (leads) will give follow up call, its sales team duty to build healthy relation and able to get convert it in competitive market.


Member Management, they are the assets of business and need to be retained and for it members delight need to be implement at work place, it’s not a rocket science it’s a small-small initiatives on members segregated data, which can be on basis of analytical data.

Payment - Transactions

Financial transactions recording are very critical and sensitive data and need robust accounting application. The financial transaction with members are need to be manage as the transactions can be lump sum, part payment, installment, plastic money and cash.

Freeze - Resume

Freeze of services, it’s been found a demand from the member to freeze the services for active plans. The service is the prime need of the service industries and need to work on edge for vacillating the members.

Point of Sale (POS)

Selling of products is another need of fitness centers it not just a selling of package. The multiple transaction for different business services need to have proper address at the end the revenue is the objective of business.

Notification - Greetings

Establishing auto personalized communication platform with members on behalf center. As communication create a bridge between member and business executives and prime for professional relationship. The individual and bulk communication required time to time to get member update about services and information

Reporting - Analysis

Report generation, the manual process gets complex with the generation of customized report and depend on the period

Backup - Recovery

Data Backup & Management, the data can be in the form of manual or digitize in excel or application but need to store and access as per compliance with the security. The data is the core of business and need to be protected.

We WES Consultancy design and develop GYM software application which are scalable and tailored as per requirement. We have the team of analyst and developer who understand the requirement and deliver the system's. Support team for GYM software application of WES Consultancy provides support call as per SLA for best experience and make it a fruitful result. We have created many extensions packs for GYM software for smart integration with different layers of data, software and hardware for flawless system.

Looking for Fitness Centre Application ?

All the core functions of GYM are addressed in our solution Fitkraft to swift the process flow and make accountable the team for their efforts and motivate them to catalyze their working style and behavior. Let us know your requirement, whats the plan and how to implement, will definately get you the profesional answer to each one and fix out the requirement.

Just the right moment to stop reading and start executing..