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Introduction to CRM on the prospect to education

The blog is with an agenda to introduce the CRM application in the area of educational services and its usages at workplaces and how it can benefit while resuming physically or virtually with the system. Let's have a look at the great features of the application that fits over web and mobile app:

  • Data Management: The raw data needs to manage and filter to generate leads. The application can handle end numbers of raw data and an option to assign it to caller, counsellor, faculty and other users as required.
  • Multiple Users: No limit to the user, it fits with small and big teams with proper role based access in the system. No extra cost required to create users in the application.
  • Multiple Institutions: Multiple institutions or franchisees can be run through the system and each institution has individual login but the admin can have a view over it.
  • Lead Management: The potential students who show interest can be further filtered out and accordingly can define actionable to get converted.
  • WhatsApp Integration: The communication bridge is strengthened with social platform to reach easily and make perfect communication between user and potential student. It enables users to share the notice, leaflet or brochure or other info on click.
  • SMS & E-mail Integration: Further communication bridge is strengthened with bulk sms and email services, with auto reminder and alerts for events in inquiry.
  • Never Missed: The application never missed the user to forget the followup, as the system reminds till not achieved.
  • Facebook, Google contacts and website integrations: Collect the inquiries from different mediums and get it collected in the application to take action on it.
  • Dashboard & Reports: The executive summary and reports in the wish format like pdf, excel or others as required is one of the strengths of application.
  • Own brand: The application can be personalised in its own brand to add values among people and confidence towards its own infrastructure of marketing and sales.
  • Further extensions are coming with the system like student registration, fee collection, study material sale, receipts, expenses, batch creation, dues and other process optimization.

The core benefit through it is the data management, security, process digitisation and optimization with robust integration and collaborative platform for the team to work around it. The application provides flexible structure that can be tailored and can be customised accordingly to the possibilities of the scope of requirement and implementation plan.

So what's your plan, start taking initiative to take next..