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Weighbridge Application

WTS a Weigh Bridge Application

a weighment tracking solution ease and automate the weighing process

Smart integration of hardware and software automate the process and catalyse the each process of weighbridge like weighing of vehicle, data capturing like product, driver details, truck number, access in the weighbridge and validate with past data at different check point. 

WES Consultancy weigh bridge application software has capability to function online and offline mode to make avail the system for all critical operation at mines, industries and other weighing operation business. The purpose behind is that process should continue and get live data for actionable. The integration involves cameras, boom barriers, weighbridge, Rfids, barcode and third party integration for seamless solution. The application can successfully offer solution to mines, industries, logistic parks and individual weighing bridge service provider.

Key Features

access all the data online and offline of trucks, trips, weighing products, delayed and differed 

Weighbridge Integration

The application designed to get integrate with weighbridge hassle free and get real data of weighbridge over cloud, the beauty is that the the data entry time is reduced with automation. The system also validate the data with set defined data to handle errors.

ANPR Camera

ANPR(Automatic Number Plate reader) integration automate the data over the truck detail form and with this the truck validity can be checked and ensured that right truck is at work zone.

Rfid Tag and Vehicle Tracking

To ensure the right vehicle arrived at weighbridge with product, the solution is simple with the rfid tracking solution integration. WTS weighbridge application get the truck registered with Rfid taged vehicle to ensure that regsitered truck can only be weighend.

Boom Barriers

The next level automation is boom barrier which get access the truck only incase the all required data is captured in the WTS weighbridge application and on fulfillment of requirement the system get the vehicle accessed from weighbridge.

Barcode and QR code Integration

To make application seamless and robust the harware computing power is harnessed by getting data through the scanners and reduce the probability of error through manual entries. It make the reconcillation process quick.

Centralised data generation and reconciliation

The WTS weighbridge application manage data centrally with the mechanism of syncronization from different node point to reconcile the transaction and identify the glitches in trasaction for management to take quick action.

Data Analysis and Report Generation

WTS Weighbridge application has the capabilities of data analysis and generate the preset reports as required and with dynamic logic also the reports can be generated with option to export

What the integration plan?

Share your idea with WES Consultancy for weigh bridge application software for professional solution on it. We collaboratively work and get you the best manual, semiautomated and fully unmaned application for best suite that fit with the business. 

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