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Small initiative on financial facilitating solutions

When we were working on financial facilitating solutions we came across that even a small initiative could change the working style of overall system. The team is filled with new energy and enthusiasm when hearing the integration of hardware and software, it sounds uprising idea on simplification of handling financial transaction in mobile device. The beauty of application is that it fits with every size of organization who are looking to strengthen the sales and recovery function. The application reminds the stakeholders about their roles in revenues and efforts.

The gist of the application is:

  • Collecting online ordering with geo fencing
  • Processing orders with device camera
  • Processing Grievances
  • Accounting & Targets
  • Receipt generation with mobile printer
  • Other basic discipline of management and notification for robust communication through different medium of SMTP and SMPP

The application is designed to ensure the compatibility of need and results by empathy for more precision. We have understand from the past projects that simplification is the market need.