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business process reengineering

Upscale business process with three simple step

  • Introduce process: The first step is to introduce business discipline at work place to harmonise the interdependent department. Its very basic to say to design policies but very challenges to pen down it with many factors. To design policies first need to understand own organization objectives, vision, people, infrastructure and many more and need to weigh it to design roadmap based on work severity if yes or not. The process designing is not sufficient as need to make understand the people and stake holder about it and simplification is the beauty of process for its effective implementation, the more complex the policies are the more resistance for its acceptance as create knowledge gap among the beneficiaries.


  • Digitization of process: The digitization has found to be more accountable than the primitive way of working systems. Like attendance taking system the primitive was the employee need to report at time office and manually put the attendance and time officer pass the attendance register to HR officer and count how many are present and absent without any confirmed validation process and on that basis daily wages are disbursed this case is been rectified with the Biometric device and other apps where people punch on the system and with their access data they can only punch and on central system the report is generated and passed on to different users who wants the reports. 


  • Monitoring and Auditing the process: The process need to be check and verify on different parameters like legal, risks, set benchmark, requirement fulfilment, area of improvement and many other. It get a view of current where we stand, the gaps need to be patched and new area of improvement like cost reduction, process time reduction, optimization and other engineering like introduce integration can be iOT for robust process.

Many step can be introduce for upscaling the process at work place with the technology and managerial skill.