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Weighbridge Management System

Weighbridge Management System (WMS)

smart business software

a weighment tracking solution to ease and automate the weighing process

What will you Get ?

  • Integration with scale - NPR cameras - RFID - GPS tracking
  • Free from Handwritten and Manual Entries
  • Clean and sophisticated data visualization
  • Fraud prevention system with real time data availability
  • Calibrated as per the industry need
  • High Accuracy and Increased Efficiency
  • Custom roles and permission as per organisation structure
  • Data centralisation & simplification of complex transaction

Integration & automation of weighbridge

the facts

The Online Weighbridge Software, a Smart integration of hardware and software that automates the process and catalyse the each process of weighbridge like weighing of vehicle, driver details, truck number, access in the weighbridge and validate with past data at different check point.

WES Consultancy offers a simple cost effective online weigh bridge application software that has the capability to function both online and offline mode to avail the data for all critical operation at mines, industries and other weighing operation business. The purpose is to achieve the process efficiency and continual and get real time data for actionable. The integration involves cameras, boom barriers, weighbridge (RC-COM Port/ USB), RFIDs, GPS, barcode and third party integration for seamless working. The application can successfully installed to varied mines, industries, logistic parks and individual weighing bridge service provider.

The weighbridge applictaion software runs over network 

Key Features

access all the data online and offline of trucks, trips, weighing products, delayed and differed 

Weighbridge Integration

WMS integrates with weighbridge hassle free and get real data of weighbridge over cloud, the beauty is that the the data entry time is reduced with automation. The system also validate the data with set defined data to handle errors.

ANPR Camera

ANPR(Automatic Number Plate reader) integration automates the data over the truck detail form and with this the truck validity can be checked and ensured that right truck is at work zone.

RFID Tags and GPS Tracking

Ensures the right vehicle have access to the location (weighbridge) and security check points with live tracking. The simple integration of RFID and GPS tracking made it easier to manage the movement of vehicles. The unmanned process to authenticate truck with GPS location tracking.

Boom Barriers

The next level automation is boom barrier which get access the truck only incase the all required data is captured in the WMS weighbridge application and on fulfillment of requirement the system get the vehicle accessed from weighbridge.

Barcode and QR code Integration

Powerful Scanners empowers the software to capture the error free records from the vehicle. The unmanned system reduces the cost of operation and provides the high availability.

Data generation & Reconciliation

The WMS weighbridge application manage data centrally with the mechanism of syncronization from different node point to reconcile the transaction and identify the glitches in trasaction for management to take quick action.

Data Analysis and Report Generation

WMS Weighbridge application has the capabilities of data analysis and generate the preset reports as required and with dynamic logic also the reports can be generated with option to export


Get a quick view on the transaction counts like vehicle In and Out, No. of trucks weight today, Active scales and more. The dashboard can be customise with information as required.

Reduce Leakages

The software gets you the alerts and notification if difference in weighment, vehicle, time duration and more. The logics can be scaled as per the user industry requirement.


The WMS Weighbridge application come with one stop solution for weighment to invoicing. The invoice can be generated at realtime or can be process at backend with freight and other charges & taxes.

Mobile Dashboard

The solution has a flexibility for the management to have a track on the vehicles, material and invoices generated over mobile app. The weighbridge management is a cloudbase.

User Access

The WMS Weighbridge application users need access control over system. The authorise users can only access the software and generate weighment slip and invoice and reports.

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