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Weighbridge_Application to Manage and Record the Movement of Vehicles

Weighbridge Application

What is Weighbridge Application?

It is a solution design to communicate the weighbridge with the layers of hardware and software to get the desired results. The weighbridges are design to take weight of vehicle, ores, liquid, gases and others. The purpose is to take weight and same our solution on it is to make the weighing process more effectively and productive.

The application able to achieve:

  • Automation.
  • Tracking.
  • Process Optimisation.
  • Integrations with Hardware and Software layers.
  • On Cloud or On Premises.
  • Agility with customisation.
  • Identification of weighment discrepancies.
  • Delays and difference cause identification.
  • Reports on desired formats.

How the process is optimised?

In weigh bridge the weight of vehicle with material is done to check the material in or out from the work premises. The work premises can be mines, manufacturing units, stores, railway siding or warehouse. The application provide the backward and forward integration.

Backward integration: In the process of weighing the empty vehicle weight (Tyre weight) can be record in tyre weight logs every time to ensure the weight of vehicle match with master and on the deviation the system generate alert. The discrepancies in the weight can be address before it create challenge to settle with customer.

The integrations with weighbridge are:

  1. GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) devices on vehicle can open the window to address the movement of vehicle in or outside the work premises. Current status of vehicle, where the vehicle get stop or idle or what is the reporting time to reach the destination. All tracking is possible with the GPS integration and tracking over GUI maps make easier to identify where the vehicle is and where is the material (material load on vehicle). It overcome the theft, speculation over weight concerns and create fair responsibility over vehicle driver towards their task.
  2. ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) Cameras Integration ease the working style and efforts. The operators errors and latency to identify and type the vehicle number is address with the  system. The operator (users of weigh bridges) with AI cameras able to optimise and reduce the process time for generation of weighment slip. It simplifies the vehicle validation and weightment slip generation with computing.
  3. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) To validate and identify the right vehicle at weighment, the RFIDs integration under same Weigh Bridge Application make a lot. The unique id with each vehicle close the fate for unauthorised vehicle at premises and load material from the quarry or store. Non response to such vehicle, Alerts and notification make solution more trust worthy.
  4. Geofencing (Geofencing is creating virtual perimeter) to limit and track the vehicle movement on unauthorised way or location Geofencing tech found very effective. It get the alert to the driver and material movement management team/ logistic team for the wrong way or location the vehicle is. The GPS coordinates get the exact location and able to trace the vehicle movement live with GPS tracker.

These are the some of the integrations can be done to achieve automation, analytics and intelligence to handle resources. More integrations are possible with the statements, let us know what’s your statement and looking in weighbridge application share us the requirement - Share US